• Side of Colonel monocle in Whiskey Tortoise
  • Front of Colonel monocle in Whiskey Tortoise
  • Angle of Colonel monocle in Whiskey Tortoise

Colonel monocle

Including a prescription lens

Starting at $50, including a prescription lens

Whiskey Tortoise

Warby Parker x Darcel

About the monocle

Crafted in a perfect circle with just the right amount of grip and give, our Colonel monocle is an ideal accessory for those who dabble in adventure or villainy.

This season, we’ve teamed up with artist Craig Redman and his one-eyed character Darcel to design a very special edition of the monocle—with accessories to match.

Warby Parker x Darcel

Each Warby Parker + Darcel monocle comes with a limited-edition lens cloth and debossed leather carrying case.

Warby Parker x Darcel

Darcel’s blog chronicles the highs and lows of life in New York City. Crammed sidewalks, sweaty temps, mind-boggling art exhibitions...Darcel is all up in it, on it, and through it.

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